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Clive Owen Fan Journal


..:: CLIVE OWEN Fan Journal ::..

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Boston Herald, Nov. 9th 2005 [Nov 9th, 2005 | 09:37]


Shaken but not stirred: ‘Derailed’ star Clive Owen buries Bond speculation

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Photoshoot by Amanda Searle [Nov 6th, 2005 | 15:03]


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"Derailed" New York City Premiere [Oct 31st, 2005 | 23:08]

Yesterday's been the premiere of "Derailed" in New York and of course Clive's been there.

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@ the set of "The Children of Men" [Oct 30th, 2005 | 21:27]

Impatiently awaited (by me) *lol* - the movie "The Children of Men". Honestly I expect a lot more of it than of "Derailed" though I've not seen it of course, but this kind of story is not really my favorite.

I've got a couple of images from the set if you'd like to have a look...

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Photoshoot by Sarah Lee [Oct 30th, 2005 | 00:45]

Let's start with this one...

A big hug to ghostbuster for those

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How about this one? [Oct 23rd, 2005 | 21:35]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi everyone! Welcome to this place!

I just initicated this LJ community yesteray to have a place where I can share my enthusiasm about British actor Clive Owen. I will add everything important such as rules and so on soon.

So please stay tuned.

I have some nice stuff about Clive here I want to share!


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