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Boston Herald, Nov. 9th 2005

Shaken but not stirred: ‘Derailed’ star Clive Owen buries Bond speculation

By Stephen Schaefer
Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - Updated: 03:21 AM EST

For Clive Owen, the star of the thriller ”Derailed” (opening Friday), the dossier is now closed.

With Daniel Craig set to succeed Pierce Brosnan as the new 007, Owen - long considered the front-runner for the role - now feels free to explain why he will never play James Bond.

One report stated Owen had asked for a profit percentage that would have netted him $40 million, a fee the Bond team wasn’t willing to meet.

”It’s not true,” Owen said in an exclusive Herald interview. ”There’s been a lot of stuff out there, but never an official offer. I took myself out of the frame by accepting three movies through next year” when the Bond movie films.

Owen’s work schedule includes ”The Children of Men,” directed by Alfonso Cuaron (”Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”), ”Shoot ’Em Up,” which teams Owen with Europe’s reigning sex symbol Monica Bellucci, and ”Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” in which he plays Sir Walter Raleigh opposite Cate Blanchett, reprising the role that first made her famous. A ”Sin City” sequel is also in the works.

In ”Derailed,” he plays a philandering husband whose dalliance with Jennifer Aniston entangles him in a blackmailer’s web.

As for working with Aniston, Owen said, ”I’m always a huge fan of the ones that make it look incredibly easy, and I think Jennifer’s as good as it gets. And it’s not easy, and she makes it look easy because she’s so brilliant.”

Unlike some stars who have quickly fallen, Owen isn’t eager to repeat one type of character.

”If you try and plot your career, if you’re saying, ’This is the type of career I want’ or ’This is the place I want to be,’ you’re trying to protect something. You’re trying to shape it from the outside. The best thing is do the work you want to do and do the best work you can and the shape of the career is what it is afterward.”

Owen’s recent international exposure hasn’t blurred his own vision.

”You want to work with the best people, and to work with the best people and to get the best parts, you have to be to a certain extent ’bankable.’ You can’t come from nowhere and get great roles in big movies with fantastic directors,” he said. ”As things have opened up for me, I made the decision quite a while ago that ultimately I’d rather be an actor a really good director wants to work with because I can act as opposed to being someone who means money. That’s the career I want: For really talented directors to say, ’I want to work with that guy.’ That to me is a much more interesting, healthy career than me sweating about whether a film is going to be hit at the box office or not.”

Source:Boston Herald
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